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Ještě k té lize , začátky budou v 16h, co se týče startovného tak to můžete uhradit před první zápasem. Cena zůstává stejná jako loni.

2500,- bez reklamy

1500,- s reklamou

Kdyby jste měl někdo nějaké dotazy tak volejte na 777 940 104.

Byl bych rád kdyby všichni dodržovali herní řád a případné přeložení zápasů bylo včas nahlášeno.

Bude povoleno max. jedno přeložení z jednoho hracího týdne do jiného s tím že si musíte najít náhradu kdo za vás půjde hrát aby nebyl volný kurt.

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Jenny is a high-class Pune Escort who appreciates the better things throughout everyday life. She left Bihar years prior for college in Pune and hasn’t thought back. Her black hair against her alabaster skin gives her a colorful look. She has a brilliant grin, a fragile face, and a tall casing. She appreciates prodding her customers for a brief period before giving them what they need. She concentrates on your requirements, which can be an extraordinary difference in pace. Jenny is dependably up for having a go at something new, so you can have a great time with her. http://www.jennyinpune.in/
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Jenny is a hot North Indian young lady who just as of late moved to Pune. She is a high-vitality young lady who used to be an artist. Presently, she adores being a Pune Escort and meeting individuals from around the globe. Her better half experience is sought after, which might be because of her sensible nature or her breathtaking figure. http://www.punecityescort.com/
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Banu is a standout amongst the most fascinating Nashik Escorts we have ever met. She simply moved here from Surat and now appreciates being in Nashik. http://www.susanescorts.in
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Candy is a young lady with long dark hair and the absolute hottest bends around. She is initially from the Andaman and Nicobar and her laid-back island identity is clear. http://www.cherryescorts.in/
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Indu is a black-haired lady with an expert identity. She doesn’t play amusements and is a standout amongst the surest young ladies. She will be the enchantress found inside your most stunning dreams. http://appleescorts.com/
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Ayesha is the young lady adjacent kind of beauty who is continually wearing a grin. She is brimming with vitality and you will observe her identity to inebriate. http://www.nashikescorts.in/
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Abhaya is an outright star. She is new to escorting. what’s more, loaded with sex offer. Abhaya can hardly wait to get her hands on you. http://www.bangalorecityescort.com/
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Diana is an incredible sultry lady, which is the reason she is sought after. This upscale Jaipur Escort inspires with her long, black hair and her sexy bends. http://dianajaipurescort.com/
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Alina is a bashful beauty with penetrating eyes and a stunning red mouth. She additionally has a petite figure and a sweetheart identity. http://jaipuriaescorts.com/
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Jenny is a vivacious brunette who appreciates flaunting her ravishing bends. She has held various intriguing jobs all through the adult industry, including taking a shot at the stage and in the film. http://www.russianbabesgoa.in/
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Deepika is a North Indian who is tied in with being a sweetheart. You will have the capacity to go anyplace without individuals feeling that you have booked an elite girl. http://www.deepikaghai.com
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Alia has a colorful look that drives our customers wild. This magnificence has streaming dark hair and a dull appearance that is entrancing. https://www.aliaingoa.com/
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A dark-colored haired magnificence, Sophia is a fun young lady to be near. She doesn’t consider herself excessively important and wants to snicker. She’s a sorry organizer. http://www.sophia.co.in/
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Pamela looks a ton like a Barbie doll, just bustier. Her long, streaming beauty locks and her more drawn out than life eyelashes add to her general appearance. http://www.pamelaingoa.com/
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Diana is a staggering beauty with a petite figure. She has an abundant chest, an other-worldly face, and eyes that you can lose all sense of direction in. http://www.dianainmumbai.com/
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Yami is a brassy beauty who wants to have a ton of fun when she’s out with her customers. She has a lighthearted demeanor that is completely infectious. http://yamiinmumbai.in/
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Shreya Ghose Escorts Girl in Hyderabad companionship services is not incomplete to as long as bodily relationship; I have more to offer you in Hyderabad Escorts. I have a wide assortment of Hyderabad Escorts Services to offer gentlemen only.
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